appdownloadbuttonWelcome to the Centre de Yoga du Marais.  Depuis 2001

Please see more at or see our Facebook page Yoga Marais Paris   Michelle’s offer for her classses, coupon for reduction on her blog, if you are new to the Centre.  Upon purchase of a class card, Michelle will refund the 20€ paid for a trial class.

 *  OPEN ALL SUMMER.  OUVERT TOUT L’ETE.   (reduced schedule)

*  Community class tous les dimanches 11h30-13h00.  


Le Centre de Yoga du Marais propose une combinaison integreé de Hatha Yoga qui inclut: les asanas, une pratique dynamique et physique, de pranayama, la regulation de notre respiration, meditation et aussi les études de la philosophie de yoga.  Le centre offre des cours pour les enfants, les mamans et leurs bebes et aussi un cours prénatal.  Si vous etes senior et debutant, vous avez un cours specialisé pour vous, gratuit.  Le Centre offre une soirée de meditation chaque mois.  Dix professeurs sont prets a vous accueillir. Le Centre de Yoga du Marais est une école enregistrée chez le Yoga Alliance International et donne des formations pour professeurs de Yoga.   Etabli en 2001, le centre est situé dans le beau Marais, le coeur du Paris.

The Centre de Yoga du Marais offers Hatha Integral Yoga which includes the practice of asanas, active and dynamic balanced with restorative and receptive poses.  Practice includes pranayama, developing our awareness of the breathing techniques, meditation and the study of yoga philosophy.  The Centre offers classes for everyone, children to seniors and anyone can start anytime from where they are in the capable hands of our qualified staff.  The centre is registered with Yoga Alliance as a training school and Michelle has an experienced level of qualification ERYT-500.  Established in 2001 the Centre is in the Marais in the heart of Paris.


Teacher Training / Formation

The 200-hr certification course is based on teaching and learning the tools to share the knowledge of yoga, but whether you choose to teach or not you will refine and deepen your own personal practice and what yoga means to you.

Our Teachers / Enseignants

Meet our staff.

The Centre  has attracted an experienced and spirited group of teachers, passionate about spreading the benefits of yoga.  Grounded in Hatha Integral Yoga we have programs to offer all students at any level of experience from pre/post natal Yoga and Yoga for Kids to Yoga for Seniors.   Many of the teachers at the centre have been trained by the Centre de Yoga du Marais’ Teacher Training program.

Yoga Retreats

Deepen your experience of yoga, on vacation!  At the yoga retreat days start at 6:30 am, just before sunrise, by seeing the gold of the sun illumine the craggy rocks of the hill in front of us while practicing morning hatha yoga.   The rest of the day is yours to explore our host country or rest.  Evening practice finishes our day.