Prenatal Classes to be announced 2023-2024




Postnatal avec Michelle sur RDV


Je vous annonce la naissance de Noémie qui est arrivée mardi 4 février, deux jours après terme. Tout s’est bien passé et nous sommes rentrés à la maison en fin de semaine.  Merci beaucoup pour les cours de yoga qui m’ont fait un grand bien durant ma grossesse.   Emmanuelle

It’s been such a long time since we last spoke or saw each other… although I still follow the news from Yoga Marais.  I am convinced that I was able to “hang in there” and deliver my twin babies at full term, in a great part, due to the yoga sessions we had.  The children and I still “downward facing dog” (it’s now a verb at ours) when we need to stretch or take some time out.  They sometimes tell us they remember doing yoga in a room with big windows where the sun was in the room… they were only 18 months old then!  Ginny

Ma petite fille est née le jour du solstice, le 21 juin.
Elle s’appelle Roxane et elle se porte très bien, tout comme moi.
Je passerai te la présenter un de ces jours.  Merci pour tous les cours de yoga qui m’ont fait tellement de bien pendant la grossesse.
C’est un plaisir de t’avoir rencontrée.   Laurianne

Just want to let you know that I became a mother of a beautiful smart son Peter. He was born on 12 September. I was overdue and asked him to come in this world on September 12, which he did))
It was a great experience!
Singing “om gam ganopataye namaha” was useful at the beginning))) then other breathing practics helped a lot. At the end I used epidural, but still breathing (and singing Oooo) made the process much easier (epidural didn’t work on some stages).
We were blessed to have a wonderful midwife, who also used acupressure and treated me like a queen.

Big thank you for your yoga classes! It was very useful for me and baby! (All say that I am in a great form (it’s true- my belly is flat like before pregnancy))))
Every class was a real fun and most important that you are very professional and very nice person at the same time!
All the best to you and your school!
Hope to visit your class in future.  Snezhana

I’m looking forward to coming back for post natal classes soon. And thanks very much for the pre natal classes, I think they really made a huge difference to how I got on in labor, and the recovery. See you soon!  Lucy (and Elsa)

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